From local support services to a deep technical knowledge of the automotive aftermarket, our customer-first approach means we go the extra mile to ensure our partners are taken care of and have the advice and support they need.

Our Expertise

Group 859

Parts you can
rely on

All Amity parts come with a two-year warranty

Group 818

Support when you need it

Friendly pre and post sale support for all of our customers

Group 863

Deep technical knowledge

Over 40+ years of industry expertise

Group 775

Quality control

Our rigorous quality control processes ensure we follow the strictest safety standards

Group 807

Fitment advice

Detailed fitment instructions are provided with many references

Group 867

Premium packaging

To ensure safe arrival all of our products are delivered in premium packaging

Saving our customers time, money and effort

We’re committed to minimising the cost and installation time of new parts, without compromising on reliability, safety and quality.

Every part we supply has been through a rigorous process to ensure it’s not only what our customers need but can also be fitted in the most efficient way possible. That often involves making subtle but necessary improvements to the original design of references, such as supplying axles with bushes or subframes with fitting bolts. It’s all in the name of saving our customers time, money and effort.